Asbestos Siding or Roofing on my House: What are my options?

If your home is topped with an asbestos roof, it will eventually have to be removed. Roofs are no longer using asbestos shingles, but that does not mean you are currently at risk. However, the best option when putting on a new roof is asbestos-sidingto hire a team of professionals to remove your old one that contains asbestos.

Asbestos is infamous for causing respiratory problems, although an immediate danger does not always stem from asbestos roofing or siding. The asbestos fibers used in roofing and siding are not as potent as the asbestos that is used in certain kinds of insulation.

There may be no need to leave your home while the professionals remove your asbestos roofing or siding. Asbestos is only harmful when it is airborne. Asbestos shingles do not put off a lot of dust. As long as a professional works with a dust mask, chance for any kind of minor issue is minimized . It is also much less dangerous when you are dealing with asbestos outside as opposed to a confined area.

For roofing purposes, the asbestos tiles are simply torn off and disposed. Local landfills will even accept asbestos roofing and siding remains. When it comes to siding, new vinyl siding can actually be applied right over top of asbestos siding, which makes an additional layer of insulation for your home.

Do I have asbestos roofing or asbestos siding on my home?

While asbestos is a popular term, not everyone can identify asbestos. Roof shingles containing asbestos resemble slate and very hard, much like concrete. Asbestos siding is no longer produced but was used mainly from the 1920’s up through the 1970’s. The age of the home could be very telling as to whether or not asbestos was used in the roof or siding. Asbestos siding are also very brittle.asbestos-roofing-on-a-house

To accurately identify and remove asbestos siding or roofing, it is recommended to put it in the hands of a professional. It is one way to make sure you are up to date and protected from the elements outside your home.

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