Benefits of Insulating the Exterior of Your House Before Installing Vinyl Siding

Siding can beautify the exterior of your home.  Homeowners can choose from many different styles, colors, widths and even the material of the siding they want for their home.  Although there are many different types of siding to choose from, some are found to benefit certain situations more than others.

Vinyl siding is the most common found on homes nowadays.  Standard horizontal vinyl siding comes in the different widths, colors and wood grains that homeowners are seeking. Vinyl siding is not all created equal, and you usually get what you pay for.  improper-vinyl-siding-insta1

Avoid poor installation of vinyl siding or it can result in the siding looking wavy.  This wavy effect is caused from the siding being nailed too tight resulting in it to bow out. A piece of siding is about 1 inch wider in the summer time than it is in the winter time and properly installed should be nailed in the middle of the frame and not along the edge.  Nails should be fastened into the studs behind the walls, not just into the plywood or particle board.

The picture shown is a perfect example of how not to nail vinyl siding along the edge.

Another type of siding is a brand called Hardie fiber cement siding.  This type of material is significantly more expensive than vinyl siding but is very long lasting.  It can be made to mimic cedar shingles as well as wood shake siding.

Hardie fiber cement siding on the other hand needs to be re painted periodically and will run you about $10 per square foot.

Aluminum siding is another option homeowners have but its production has been fading out lately.  A professional would likely recommend it only if your home has existing aluminum siding that is damaged and needs replaced.

Cedar Shake siding can make your home look unique and works well with certain styles of homes.  The downside of cedar shake siding is that its known to attract squirrels and it grows moss easily, costing you extra in the long run for proper maintenance.

Finally there is metal siding.  Metal siding is mostly used on barns and shop like structures that require very low maintenance.  Many professional companies do not install metal siding to homes but would offer suggestions for another material.

You can see that there are many different types of siding that can be used.  Siding ranges in price, maintenance and installation needs and material.  With so many options to choose from finding the right siding choice for your home could be a difficult task.

Contacting a professional siding contractor in Lancaster PA, will allow for proper estimates and evaluations to be done to your home and recommendations can be made for your individual needs.  For answers to all of your siding questions please contact us at 717-725-7170 or by filling out our free estimate request form at the bottom right corner of our home page.