Contractor Evaluation Checklist

Could be used for any contractor you hire. Please share with anyone that needs service work on their home.

Download a printable PDF checklist here.


  • Contractor provides at least 10 of people served in your area (Opposed to “2-3”)
  • Called and verified references

Permanent Place of Business

  • They have one

Verify License Information

  • License # ____________________________    Visit
  • 1. License is ACTIVE
  • 2. Is for the CORRECT TRADE
  • 3. Has no JUDGMENTS against them – Click on the Name Of The Contractor


  • Asked you to be home
  • Inspected attic (Without being asked)
  • Conducted inspection ON the roof
  • Was on time
  • Took photos of the issue they discovered


  • Uses employees and will not be subcontracting the work to another company?
  • Paid by the hour and not by the job or piece

Proper Liability Insurance

  • Carry at least $1,000,000 in coverage
  • Called the carrier to verify account is current
  • Verified that they are actually insured to perform the work contracted

 What kind of training is provided for their employees?

  • What training has the contractor received?
  • How knowledgeable about the manufacturer’s suggested installation?

What kind of customer service do they provide?

  • Returns call promptly
  • Do you feel comfortable dealing with contractor?


  • Multiple options given
  • Thoroughly educated
  • Demonstrated with examples that the company is proficient in the installation and service of the system discussed


  • Offered Guarantees in ADDITION to the material warranty
  • Guarantee promise to take care of problems should they arise?
  • Guarantee has consequences to the contractor should they NOT live up to their promises?

Bonus Tips

  • Paying cash?—If a contractor offers a discount for cash it is a big signal that they are not a sound company. In essence they are not paying any taxes or insurance on the job. They are not reporting their employees. This could leave you exposed to issues if someone was hurt on your property. Since there would be no paper tail for your job, future issues may not be addressed.
  • Intent to lien-If a contractor is NOT financially sound, the supplier can put a lien against your home if they are not paid for their materials.
  • Many contractors with complaints STILL have a good rating with the BBB. The BBB will try to make a contractor look good if the contractor is a PAYING member of their group.

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