Should You Repair or Replace?

Each week as I am going out and checking on customers roofing issues, this is the most common question I get.

This is not always an easy question to answer. I mean, sometimes it is an obvious decision like the like the house in the picture below.


When there a such mess of a roof and it needs to be covered by tarps and the roof is peeling back the answer is an obvious. “Time To Replace The Roof”.

I understand that the property owner wants to do what is best for them. And each persons circumstances are different.

You will want to consider:

  • How long you plan to stay in the house.
  • How long will the potential repair last.
  • What is the cost of roof repair versus roof replace.
  • Do I have it in my budget?
  • When I sell my house will I recoup the cost of the roof replacement?
  • Will buyers even notice the shingle in the repaired area are a slightly different color? (I bet they won’t – I do my best to make it match)

Not Every Leaking Roof Requires Replacement – Most are just minor repair that can be a quick fix.

Some of those minor roofing repair we see are:

Plumbing Boot Is Damaged

This is not a big.  We just replaced the worn out and damaged boot.  Put back under the shingles.  Did the needed caulking and the homeowner was good to go.


 Improperly Nailed Shingles

This takes a little more time to fix than the boot, because we like to check more than just the one location that is leaking.  But again, an easy fix. And you can relax again your leaking roof is fixed.


Bad Flashing Around The Chimney

This one was a mess, you can see that any rain that got next to the chimney was actually being funneled into the house.  Again this repair easily solves leaving roof issues.



Gutters and Downspouts Are Not Draining

Sometimes the issues is not even the roof.  If your downspouts are clogged and not allowing the water to drain, well that is a problem.  Keep your gutters and down spouts free of debris and leaves.  Yes we can handle this issue for you.


Yes we know Roof Repair or Roof Replacement is often low on your choices of what to spend your money on.

The cost of replacing your roof can get pretty costly.  Did you know when you sell your home the sellers disclosure will ask the seller about the stability of the roof.

  • You will need to document when the roof was installed?
  • Has there been any repairs of replacements during your ownership?
  • Has the roof ever leaked?
  • And do you have and problems with roof, gutters or downspouts?


On the Sellers Disclosure Many people like to answer this topic with a confident “No Problems” and strengthen the selling position helps make their roof repair or replace decision easier.

You may also want to take into consideration how long you plan to stay in or keep the home.

What really should matter is the comfort and safety of the people that are living on the home whether that be yourself or tenants. And really if you plan on staying in the home for a long time to come may help you lean toward roof replacement.

But wait don’t panic.  Get A Roof Inspections – To Make An Informed Decision

Give me a call at 717-725-7170 or fill out the contact form and allow me to come to your home to give you my expert roofing opinion.

The more you know the better able you will be to make a decision for roof repair or roof replacement that is best for you.