Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Wood Replacement Windows – What Is The Difference?

When shopping for replacement windows, many homeowners struggle with making the choice between vinyl or wood replacement windows.replacement window installation lancaster pa

Wood Replacement Windows; Pros and Cons

Many shoppers choose wood windows because they like the traditional, classic look. If your house is built of wood you may want to match the design of your home. If you live in a historical district, you may even be required to install wood replacement windows to retain the historic integrity of the house.

Wooden Windows are more expensive however, and require more maintenance. Except when ordered by historic district codes, wooden windows do have an aluminum clad exterior which comes in many different colors to make them last longer, but the wooden window sash and wooden interior are more vulnerable to weather and will need repainting over time.

Vinyl Replacement Windows; Pros and Cons

More then 90% of windows installed today are vinyl replacement windows. Not everyone likes the more plastic look of a vinyl window, but they are less expensive and last considerably longer. Vinyl windows don’t expand or contract nearly as much in heat or cold and they don’t rot when wet like wood can. There are multiple colors and grades of vinyl window currently available to match the exterior of your home, regardless of style.

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